Rescinded [verb]

Definition of Rescinded:

declare null and void

Synonyms of Rescinded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rescinded:

Sentence/Example of Rescinded:

Wholesale pardons which could easily be rescinded afterwards.

I demanded that his order should be rescinded; but he was haughty and impudent in his manner.

The death sentence was rescinded, of course, pending this new trial.

In 1710 the Act for Ports, like its predecessors, was rescinded.

The protest was heeded by the Czar and the ukase was rescinded.

Celibacy was at first imposed as a rule of the community, but later was rescinded.

No concession was to be made, nothing was to be promised, until the Covenant had been rescinded.

The Orders in Council were also rescinded in the summer of 1812.

The convention can be rescinded only after a two years' notice.

Randolph, the English resident, foresaw that the Acts might be rescinded.