Rescript [noun]

Definition of Rescript:

change; rewriting

Opposite/Antonyms of Rescript:

Sentence/Example of Rescript:

The Rescript of my appointment which was drawn up later, is dated August 2nd, 1799.

A rescript arrived from Vienna placing a veto upon the resolution.

But the contract contains a rescript for the diamonds; you must ask for them.

No less than this would have sufficed to gain for you this rescript of Her Majesty.

The date of the rescript is the third consulship of Antoninus Pius.

This rescript of Hadrian has clearly been added to the Apology by some editor.

And accordingly ye, too, may use the terms of my rescript, so that none may interfere with you.

Mr. O'Connell, alarmed at the import of a command so fatal, pronounced the rescript "uncanonical."

But the prelates were far from unanimous in their construction of the rescript which they promised unanimously to obey.

Dr. Crolly had previously explained what he considered true obedience to the rescript.