Rescuing [verb]

Definition of Rescuing:

save from danger

Opposite/Antonyms of Rescuing:

Sentence/Example of Rescuing:

I thought he was a rescuing angel, and he's turning out bad.

“I'll have to begin by rescuing Tom, I guess,” was Dick's thought.

She spent a good deal of time in rescuing the brown babies from peril.

The very fact of his rescuing the bill-sticker strengthened this impression.

He had only a vague notion that he was rescuing Margaret from something dreadful.

Delivered when about to be sentenced for rescuing a man from slavery.

As to the rescuing party, it disbanded less than an hour later.

Evidently the rescuing capacity of the hatches had already been ascertained.

They had been so near to rescuing the girls, and now they seemed as far off as ever!

Prisoner on Prana Beach will share treasure with rescuing party.