Researched [verb]

Definition of Researched:

examine, study

Synonyms of Researched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Researched:

Sentence/Example of Researched:

They were careful not to forget the drawers, which their hands searched and researched.

The whole town was searched and researched, but all to no purpose.

If a word or name did not fit the context, it was researched, and corrections made, if necessary.

Sequential Problem Solving is about finding alternative solutions to problems and executing well researched plans.

As it was, Brennan was unsure of his legal rights, and he could not plan until he had researched the problem most thoroughly.

We had our antiquarian papers of lore and researched history in exercise-books, rolled up and tied with string.

Dagobert searched and researched every article—peeped into all the corners of the portmanteau—still nothing!