Researchers [noun]

Definition of Researchers:

research worker

Synonyms of Researchers:

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Sentence/Example of Researchers:

His progress, and the progress of thousands of other researchers in biology, must have been watched.

Pictures helped what the researchers defined as poor readers.

Researchers can only observe and record such accomplishments.

That'd be a very valuable piece of real estate for the researchers.

They were the researchers in spiritual things, and he the traditionalist.

The essence of their remarks was that Russia was going to beat the pants off American researchers, and it was all Baker's fault.

Language-oral and written-is probably the most complex system of signs that researchers are aware of.

Researchers have accumulated data on the power of prayer and faith, and on paranormal manifestations.

One source is the advanced work of experts and researchers, in areas of higher abstraction, way beyond what literacy can handle.

Barnes left a lecture for researchers from his planet and joined Clocker with no more than polite curiosity on his paternal face.