Resented [verb]

Definition of Resented:

be angry about

Opposite/Antonyms of Resented:



Be happy

Sentence/Example of Resented:

Not accustomed to be hurt, it resented hurt when it came the more sorely.

She would have resented any offer to accompany her, and Mrs. Lynn arose to enter the house.

Hardcastle resented the appeal to me, and bid him wait and be damned.

What he resented most was just the necessity of taking so much on trust.

Was she really going to own that she had resented the news of his engagement?

He resented Mrs. Cruncher's saying grace with particular animosity.

And now, quite suddenly, she resented the manner and the speech.

And he resented the cold aloofness of the scientist before him.

She was unaccustomed to be addressed in that tone, and she resented it.

He resented it in this youngster who had fought so gamely with death.