Resents [verb]

Definition of Resents:

be angry about

Opposite/Antonyms of Resents:



Be happy

Sentence/Example of Resents:

Now, Cesare, being a duke, resents a cousin's being a papal legate.

She has a small mind, and she resents the abstract which she is unable to grasp.

He resents the betrayal of his own confidence savagely, even as he utters them.

You know how Lucy resents any interference with her actions.'

Agamemnon gives the provocation, and Achilles resents the injury.

Like the Indian, he is jealous of his ancient domain and resents intrusion.

In the first of these he resents the name of "villain," with which she appears to have saluted him.

I suppose she is glad that it is so, but at the same time she resents it.

I don't think he understands us, but he resents our invasion of his territory.

If he resents the honest drawing of his well-known649 features, why, so much the better.