Reservations [noun]

Definition of Reservations:

condition, stipulation

Synonyms of Reservations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reservations:

Sentence/Example of Reservations:

The reservations placed upon our adherence should not be misinterpreted.

These reservations are not without bearing upon our own literature in America.

Knowing Cullingworth as well as I did, I took it with reservations and deductions.

There appeared to be reservations about it in Tremayne's mind.

And even in that privacy, his thought had some reservations of which he was vaguely conscious.

But though Wadley was prepared to like him, his mind held its reservations.

He still had his reservations about Costa, but he'd keep them to himself now.

By far the greater majority of those on the reservations are law-abiding.

Now, Miss Isobel had spent her life in evasions and reservations and compromises.

For the rest she had given herself—with reservations—to the Feminist movement.