Reservoirs [noun]

Definition of Reservoirs:

accumulation, repository

Synonyms of Reservoirs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reservoirs:

Sentence/Example of Reservoirs:

She speedily descended to the reservoir of water, and filled her pitcher.

There's a reservoir below into which they drop when the electric circuit is broken.

But she was drifting in her blind misery to that reservoir of life, London.

After leaving the reservoir we drove through another quarter of the town.

Could he have siphoned the water from one reservoir to the other?

To a large extent, the reservoir of the Cross was artificial.

If he builds a reservoir, where could he get enough water to fill it?

The best I could figure was that they might need one of my waterholes for a reservoir site.

A reservoir for the big streams of oil that were pouring into it from the pipe-lines.

If the reservoir is built in a small gulley or ravine, its width may be twenty-five feet.