Resetting [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Resetting:

Resetting the traps, we returned to camp to take off the skins and dress them.

"It's the panbread," he says, with the air of one who sweeps the board for a resetting of the pieces.

They had seen him, too, resetting his snares upon the edges of the nests.

It is then ready for resetting or stowing away for next season's work.

All these stones want polishing, and many of them resetting.

It was full time—maybe past time—for thinning out my sugar-beets and resetting my cosmos.

Graham had been giving a glance over his little command, watching the resetting of a saddle or a careful folding of a blanket.

The fox traps lay deeply covered by drifts, and since early morning they had been clearing and resetting them.

The work he expects you to do is to oversee the cutting and resetting of the jewels—a work that you will never do.

It is desirable to make as few alterations as possible to avoid the delay and expense of resetting the type.