Resettlement [noun]

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The resettlement of the area after the massacre was delayed.

On one or other of these alternative lines the resettlement must be devised.

There have been resettlement projects and such stuff for generations.

The allied powers are agreed that the European resettlement must be inspired by the principle of nationality.

But Aitken did more than mine diamonds, for he had not forgotten the lesson we had learned together in the work of resettlement.

But it is from the conclusion of peace that the work of resettlement may fairly be taken to commence.

But since the time of Chersikrats there has been nothing like extirpation, displacement, or resettlement.

He therefore moved to amend the resolution before the committee so as to require a resettlement of the debt.

The second point concerns the resettlement of returned soldiers upon the land and their restarting in business.

He proposed to use this new wealth to provide seed, stock, and agricultural implements for the resettlement of the land.