Reshaping [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Reshaping:

Migration has been one of the mighty forces that have been reshaping society.

Marie's part consisted in reshaping this ancient material in her own rhythmic and coloured words.

The Lucretian Venus, by reshaping our senses and instincts, builds that coloured dome once more.

Much of the reshaping and all of the decorating was done, after business hours, by the clever and pious hands of the villagers.

He may use the same den year after year, repairing and reshaping it; or perhaps he will dig a new one.

The melting down of the family silver and the reshaping it on new models is not to acquire new silver.

But it is in the subtle grafting and reshaping one must needs do to the brain that my trouble lies.

He felt that his imagination was reshaping itself, preparing to receive an impression never experienced until now.

She made over her old clothes, reshaping them so that they would last longer and still look stylish.

They risked the chance they had of reshaping the structure of human society to a higher level of common sense and liberty.