Reside [verb]

Definition of Reside:

live or exist in

Synonyms of Reside:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reside:







Sentence/Example of Reside:

I was "raised" in the State of Massachusetts, and reside there still.

I suppose she will wish to reside with her mother during my absence.

Tribal custom requires the bridegroom to reside with the wife's family.

For a time my connection with Keighley was severed as I went to reside at Bradford.

He thought it a safe place to reside because it was so far from the land.

It was necessary for him to reside at his native place for a number of months.

What a feature it was of the little town, her coming to reside in it!

Usually incog, in England, I reside in a cottage near Osborne.

Whether he went to reside in Europe, or retired to some other part of India, is not known.

There was a demand about a formal permission to reside here.