Resided [verb]

Definition of Resided:

live or exist in

Synonyms of Resided:

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Sentence/Example of Resided:

Thence they entered the inner Ceramicus, where Aspasia resided.

At the mouth of the lane in which Gawtrey resided there stood four men.

He has also been part owner of several other vessels since he has resided here.

We had resided at Monmouth about a month, when I was invited to a ball.

A catalogue of engravers who have been born, or resided in England.

Dr. Lieber is a German, but he has resided in this country many years.

Since he and Irma had resided in the avenue, they met, it was said, on their old footing.

A physician, who lived in London, visited a lady who resided in Chelsea.

He was recently from New Orleans, where he had resided for several years.

Luther resided in the convent attached to this church when he was in Rome.