Residents [noun]

Definition of Residents:

person living in a particular place

Synonyms of Residents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Residents:

Sentence/Example of Residents:

Sometimes we had a meeting of the residents of our own gulch.

Many of these residents of the North were themselves but recently come from the South.

As a matter of fact, scarcely half that number were residents of the city.

They numbered about 2500 persons in 1911 and are residents of the Chhattīsgarh plain.

The residents of Pompeii had fine plumbing, baths and luxuries.

These were attended not only by all the residents, but by many of the farmers and their families.

Hundreds of residents of the lowlands abandoned their homes.

The residents were told not to stop for clothes or valuables.

There was no one visible; all the residents were evidently at the feast.

When he died the residents of his native town erected a memorial to him.