Residuary [adjective]

Definition of Residuary:

extra, unnecessary

Opposite/Antonyms of Residuary:

Sentence/Example of Residuary:

The residuary clergy they do not recognise as clergy at all.

This residuary misprint is one against which there is no complete protection.

This one contained his will, in which Ibsen figured as his residuary legatee.

He is a residuary of the third class, and he excludes some sharers.

The father is a residuary of the second class, and the first in that class.

Thanks—it is possible; it is merely to be my residuary legatee.

Did it abide with the Free Church or the residuary Establishment?

You can pay Carr his half of the residuary in whatever form he wants it.

This is a good example of what is called a residuary impression.

Concentrate the residuary liquor to a sixth part, and add ether, which will throw down the amygdalin.