Resigned [adjective]

Definition of Resigned:

enduring, passive

Opposite/Antonyms of Resigned:

Sentence/Example of Resigned:

Following the example of his predecessor, in 1868, Mr. Gladstone resigned.

It was in February, 1855, that Mr. Gladstone resigned his seat in the Cabinet.

They were soon after married, and he resigned his command at the fort.

Until then she had been resigned, she felt so strong and confident as she awaited the miracle.

"I worry so about its disorderliness that I won't go in," she used to say, in a resigned way.

Madame Croizette, their mother, always seemed sad and resigned.

In 1860, he resigned his position as treasurer, and is now a director in that company.

Mr. Kelley continued Prosecutor till 1821, when he resigned.

He held the position of judge of the Supreme Court until 1864, when he resigned.

He felt quite calm, as if he had resigned himself to what must be.