Resiliency [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Resiliency:

Maybe it hardens as it dries so that it loses all resiliency!

With the resiliency of youth they had accepted the situation, and were making the best of it.

After a few games it became deflated, with the resiliency of a soggy sponge.

There was a resiliency in Travis unequalled, some said, by spring steel.

Silence is economy and resiliency is superior to resistance.

Jackson had been working many hours, and his muscles had lost their resiliency and snap.

This latter was padded thickly with rubber, so that some resiliency was permitted.

We are sorry not to oblige our contemporary, but advancing years have taken something from our resiliency.

His splendid body and health made new vitality, and he possessed all the resiliency and rebound of youth.

His very essence is resiliency under difficulties, an unabashed and undefeatable front.