Resists [verb]

Definition of Resists:

withstand, oppose

Opposite/Antonyms of Resists:

Sentence/Example of Resists:

Alison resists, however, not out of virtue, but because she prefers Nicholas.

But it is a characteristic of a ritual-taboo system that it resists change.

He who resists a mania may be trodden under foot like any other heretic.

If he resists and dissents, he is thrown out and may be trodden under foot.

Yet is that instinct of the conscience which resists every argument really a prejudice?

For the reply of Cain is the language of one who resists and hates God.

He never turns aside from pleasure, or resists an invitation to the feast.

His clothes are torn,—his shoulders bloody,—still he resists.

Frequently they are, but true beauty often resists their attacks.

The human mind is so constructed that it resists rigour, and yields to softness.