Resolute [adjective]

Definition of Resolute:

determined, strong-willed

Opposite/Antonyms of Resolute:

Sentence/Example of Resolute:

This indicates their resolute enmity to me, and as resolute favour to Solmes.

That he killed a mutineer is proof of his resolute adherence to discipline.

In spite of her weakness, she made a great effort and stood up, resolute and firm.

Up the hill came Tip, sure enough, with a firm, resolute step.

The two faced each other, cool, smiling, but resolute enemies.

He turned with a resolute air to Kitty who was washing the tea-dishes.

He knew that they were on his heels, and felt that they were resolute to run him to destruction.

But no, it could not be; she looked so calm, so resolute, and so patient!

"Oh, I'll see to that," Mr. Hardwick assured her with resolute confidence.

With a will resolute to overcome difficulties, Rome may however at last be reached.