Resolutely [adverb]

Definition of Resolutely:

with all one's heart

Synonyms of Resolutely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Resolutely:


Sentence/Example of Resolutely:

A moment's reflection, and she resolutely withdrew her hand.

"She couldn't make it, Garson," he declared coolly and resolutely.

Resolutely he suppressed his sympathy for the ghost of Comrade Verloc, and went on.

With a thought as quick, she folded it resolutely upon the other in her lap.

"You will sit there till you tell me," resolutely replied the lady.

Jacob was resolutely silent; he would not tell his father's name.

He resolutely dismissed the thought of food, however, and stuck to his position.

No,' I answered, resolutely; 'I am certain that she is incapable of any such baseness.

"I will never consent to let you go," Clement Austin answered, resolutely.

In short, she adhered as resolutely to her determination as ever.