Resolving [verb]

Definition of Resolving:

make up one's mind; find solution

Synonyms of Resolving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Resolving:

Sentence/Example of Resolving:

I thanked him for the item, resolving to add it to my list of curious Americanisms.

The word 'continuity' suggests the possibility of resolving all differences into differences of quantity.

He covered many slates with figures, but could not succeed in resolving it.

That would not do and he shook his head vigorously, resolving to keep awake.

Well, he would forget it, and so resolving he worked as never before.

I kept my seat, resolving to accost him directly after supper.

He clenched his will with ferocity, resolving that he must not break, could not, would not break.

But everything was distorted, born of an ache and resolving into an ache.

The meeting was held, but adjourned, after resolving that it should be resumed at Linlithgow.

At last, in despair, I let it alone, resolving I would not be further troubled.