Resonating [verb]

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All who are acquainted with resonating tubes understand this.

To illustrate the importance of the resonating cavity of the nose in articulation.

T, Part of resonating pipe, the upper end with cap and vent hole being shown separately at the side.

The lower harmonics of the series cannot be obtained, owing to the limited capacity of the resonating cavity.

If one holds a vibrating tuning-fork before a resonating tube, does he direct the vibrations into that resonating cavity?

The conditions for securing interference of sound waves may readily be secured by using a tuning fork and a resonating air column.

In short, the resonating mechanism, so highly developed in the common Cigale, is here extremely rudimentary.

A Cigale with the resonating cavities destroyed would possibly be lost.

The soft palate placed toward the nose offers a resonating surface for the tone.

Yet, these registers are nothing more than three disconnected manners of using the vocal and resonating apparatus.