Resound [verb]

Definition of Resound:


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Sentence/Example of Resound:

The horn will resound in welcome, the drawbridge will be lowered for us.

My book should smell of pines and resound with the hum of insects.

The whole place, behind the fence, appeared to bristle and resound.

The quiet room seemed to resound with the long reverberations of her question.

The musician causes it to resound because he contains a harmonic power.

The willows, on mild April days, resound with the roar of insect traffic.

The sound of distant bagpipes seemed to resound dully in his ears.

As a rule, raps seem to resound on the top of the table; but it is not always so.

Such clamor was of voices / that all the mountain did resound.

Let universal Paris, universal France, as with the throat of the whirlwind, resound: To arms!