Resounded [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Resounded:

The three were brought forth into the yard, together, as it resounded through the air.

The pulpit of St. Saturnin resounded with his bursts of eloquence.

"That's your zort, measter Tiller," resounded from all the voices round the table.

Asia resounded with the insurrection of the Jews, and the massacre of the Seljuks.

The uncle immediately whistled so loud that it resounded from all sides.

All Rome resounded with the jubilations of the retainers of the house of Borgia.

But already the voice of Sergeant Rashid resounded in the murky room.

A tumult and uproar arose outside, that resounded through the palace.

The fame of Pickett's charge on the right has resounded through the world.

The cavalcade was brilliant, and its march resounded on the pavement.