Resourcefulness [noun]

Definition of Resourcefulness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Resourcefulness:

Sentence/Example of Resourcefulness:

In the first place, I am learning to admire the resourcefulness of these people around us.

I had faith in Potokomik and his resourcefulness, and was hopeful they would get out safely.

This resourcefulness and fertility of method are conspicuous characteristics of him.

And in alertness and resourcefulness it is second only to the desire for wealth itself.

One could make the desert his if one had resourcefulness and courage.

The resourcefulness of the young American officer saved the day.

A lack of imagination and resourcefulness often paves the way to tragedy.

They had not before realized the riches of her resourcefulness.

I've come to believe there is no limit to his resourcefulness.

Resourcefulness was there, but no hint of boldness and her moods of timidity were exquisite.