Respecting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Respecting:

He didn't know what satisfaction he could give any gentleman, respecting that family.

What is your sentiments, Mr. Saunders, respecting Sir George?

Much has been said respecting the cause of Mirabeau's death.

Now tell the jury as nearly as you can what was said respecting him there.

You said all that and preached about respecting her wish and all that sort of thing.

And she, respecting what instinctively she knew to be his feelings, never bade him come to her.

But the two felt that a most urgent duty was upon them, respecting Inez Hawthorne.

I had nothing to say respecting the expenses of the journey.

And he was uneasy also,—almost unhappy,—respecting Lady George.

Respecting these airs or melodies, a few remarks may be offered.