Respective [adjective]

Definition of Respective:

particular, specific

Synonyms of Respective:

Opposite/Antonyms of Respective:

Sentence/Example of Respective:

For many years he and Mr. Gladstone had been at the head of their respective parties.

The troops reached their respective camps at about 11 o'clock.

We were all dressed in white, with the respective colours of our various classes.

Moreover, his feelings were hurt by the disproportion of their respective ages.

Hoche, Humbert, and Pichegru, began their respective careers as private soldiers.

The diplomatic body wore the dresses of their respective Courts.

Thirteen, eleven, and nine, such were their respective ages.

Rub some fine sugar on lemon or orange, to give the colour and flavour; then squeeze the juice of either on its respective peel.

It is essential to moisten and convey more solid food into the stomach, and from thence to the respective parts of the system.

On the same principle, the fat is the essence of meat, nearly so as the seeds of plants are of their respective species.