Respire [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Respire:

It appears to respire as easily in the most rarefied air as on the seashore.

I then began to respire this air anew, and was able to make 16 more inspirations.

Are you willing that the tempter should intercept it, and respire it polluted into your ear?

He laughed, and seemed to respire more air into his broad chest.

The Crustaceans, so far as they are aquatic, respire by means of branchi, or gills.

Do you not remember that you ceased to respire, and were not conscious of the fact?

Its breath was too powerful for any one breast to respire it solely.

With what eagerness did I run every morning at sunrise to respire the perfumed air in the peristyle!

These efforts are repeated fifteen times in a minute, until a spontaneous effort to respire is perceived.

The former may be divided into those which respire by lungs, and those which respire by gills.