Respondents [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Respondents:

But since you are agent for the heir of entail, I will offer to conduct the respondents case.

Cranmer was brought in and set opposite to the latter in the respondents place.

The names of these respondents are set out on a previous page.

The respondents were condemned in the whole costs of the case.

The fifth and sixth respondents have formally acknowledged that the reference to Captain Gemmell in that paragraph is wrong.

Crown Law Office, Wellington, for first, fourth and sixth respondents.

But no man could comply with his requirement, nor could he himself comply with it, any more than his respondents.

The other persons of the Dialogue may be considered under two heads: private friends; the respondents in the argument.

The difficulty of the respondents task was probably augmented by his having to answer the arguments of more than one opponent.

It is on these first or most universal theses that respondents become often reluctant and disgusted.