Responding [verb]

Definition of Responding:

act in answer to something

Synonyms of Responding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Responding:

Sentence/Example of Responding:

Responding in kind, I was bade to seat myself on a fallen log, which I did.

For an instant she lay quiet in his embrace, receiving, if not responding to his caresses.

"And you're responding to it like a stunned ox," Rajcik said.

You did not use these, but continued unconscious, responding only in mutterings.

And all the child in Paul, responding so sensitively to his mother's feelings, agreed to this.

He needn't be afraid of the grandmother's not responding, need he, Maurice?

The error was not within the Cometara; she was responding perfectly.

"Chevalier is the word you want," suggested Malcolm, responding to his geniality.

“I will be mute,” said Nello, laying his finger on his lips, with a responding shrug.

It was more like stepping on the brakes and the brakes not responding.