Responds [verb]

Definition of Responds:

act in answer to something

Synonyms of Responds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Responds:

Sentence/Example of Responds:

Her heart had not yet received the inevitable summons to respond.

I could never know—never come to her when she called, or respond to her spirit.

Amelia's heart did not respond; at that time, she had no reason for thinking she was fond of children.

His broker called for more margin; he could not respond and was sold out.

He is reminded of a toast—a toast to which they will respond.

Alice did not respond at once, and he urged her again: "Please do promise you'll be there."

But her brothers did not respond, and Coryston looked at his sister with lifted brows.

Agapanthus will at once respond, and flowers usually follow.

The lady may honor me by changing her mind; I am sorry that I can not respond.

I feel that if I do not respond, if I do not come to her, she will be dumb forever.