Responses [noun]

Definition of Responses:

answer, reaction

Synonyms of Responses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Responses:

Sentence/Example of Responses:

The responses of bride and groom were unhesitating, even firm.

Neither do they disdain to consult them, nor neglect the responses which they return.

No one dropped the ring or mispronounced the responses, or trod on Evie's train, or cried.

She made her responses in a steady voice heard by every one in the room.

Naturally he got a shower of responses—serious, playful, burlesque.

Standing by her lover's side, Bettina gave the responses clearly.

Unconscious of his craft, Esther's responses were void of light as Egyptian sphinx.

The responses to this survey show enthusiasm that is encouraging.

But these responses are not a contradiction of trust; they are a part of the curriculum of trust.

There was only the brief hesitation that preceded all her responses.