Responsible [adjective]

Definition of Responsible:

accountable, in charge

Opposite/Antonyms of Responsible:

Sentence/Example of Responsible:

The question, he said, was one for a responsible Ministry alone to handle.

If Maggie had made bad arrangements for her baby, Maggie was responsible.

Not only am I responsible to him, but He is responsible for me.

They are doled out to you, and you are responsible for them.

Yes, he had replaced it—because he was responsible for its custody.

But that bit about the sober gray eyes and the piquant chin Jane was responsible for.

I say "we" because I had come to be a responsible factor in the control of the property.

He must take the oath; and you, with your life, will be responsible for his honesty?

How far am I in thought, word, custom, responsible for this?

Clearly he considered that she was responsible for their dispositions.