Responsiveness [noun]

Definition of Responsiveness:


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Sentence/Example of Responsiveness:

And this seemed to be the extent of his responsiveness for the moment.

It had, he felt, made a difference, not only in the size but the responsiveness of his audiences.

Gratitude, responsiveness, imply health and energy, past or present.

He looked at her with a strange lack of responsiveness when she entered the room.

In its turn the voice steadily improves in its responsiveness to the ear.

“Quite well,” he said, but there was no responsiveness in his manner.

He paused as if, after all, it wasn't easy to begin, even in the face of this responsiveness.

It is largely a question what is one's own responsiveness to literature.

His feeling for it found everywhere sensibility and responsiveness.

His very weakness, his responsiveness to his surroundings, favoured success.