Restaurants [noun]

Definition of Restaurants:

business establishment serving food and drink

Opposite/Antonyms of Restaurants:


Sentence/Example of Restaurants:

He found the restaurants moderate in price, and within his means.

Until then, he would stay at the flat, taking his meals at restaurants.

The windows of the restaurants on the boulevards glittered with lights.

None of the hotels or the restaurants have put up their prices one cent.

I ate to music, as you might say, same as I've read they do up to Boston restaurants.

The reason for his change of heart was the universal one in restaurants.

I'm sure I've heard her toasted often enough at cafs and restaurants.'

In the streets and restaurants people looked at her with interest.

Go to all the hotels, restaurants, and gin-mills near here, and hunt him up.

You don't see me eating in Childs restaurants to any great extent these days, do you?