Rested [adjective]

Definition of Rested:


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Sentence/Example of Rested:

His arm was about her waist, and hers rested on his shoulder.

The rested muscles of his body and mind craved the resistance of obstacles.

Rested at Pintumbra, as there was good feed for our tired and hungry horses.

Rested at Paney, as the horses were very tired, and there was splendid feed for them.

There was a spot, not far from George, where he could have rested, but he did not know it.

She rested supinely against him, as if bereft of any strength of body or of soul.

The hand of Tse-tse-yote came along the back of my neck and rested there.

Somehow or other his eyes wandered to a picture that rested on a mantelpiece in the room.

He tried to remember how he had come to the conclusion that was alone in his rested mind.

He laid his brown cheek against the place where he remembered them to have rested.