Restfulness [noun]

Definition of Restfulness:

remedy, aid; relaxation

Opposite/Antonyms of Restfulness:

Sentence/Example of Restfulness:

She improved in the quietude and restfulness of that beloved place.

Mr. Travers' restfulness had something faintly triumphant in it.

She feared to break the deep spell of restfulness which held her.

Constance smiled with a returning feeling of ease and restfulness.

I answer, first, he may sleep the sleep of restfulness born of confidence.

What appeals to one most is the restfulness and quiet of the place.

I dont expect to have to pay for it— And it brings a feeling of restfulness.

But she sat waiting while the twilight deepened, a look of restfulness in her big face.

The entire dining-room had an atmosphere of quiet and restfulness about it.

It is the peace and restfulness of the depths of our nature.