Restorer [noun]

Definition of Restorer:

caretaker of collection

Synonyms of Restorer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Restorer:


Sentence/Example of Restorer:

The least we can do for these is to help 'em to the great Restorer, sleep, all we can.

And what the Spoiler has spared, the self-styled Restorer has too often ruined.

How to find him—how to reward the champion and restorer of the honor and happiness of Cleves?

But it is done, and so well, that the repairer is called not that, but a restorer.

If only the restorer of the Tower of Augustus were around, he'd come in for a franc too.

Son of the above; established in Paris as a maker and restorer of Violins.

And I—I shall be the instrument of that triumph—the restorer of my race!

To-day the Alhambra is kept as a show-place, rejuvenated by the restorer.

The monarchy was a small matter; Bruce was the restorer of Scottish independence.

The old story: the Calvinist, the whitewasher, and the restorer.