Restoring [verb]

Definition of Restoring:

fix, make new

Opposite/Antonyms of Restoring:

Sentence/Example of Restoring:

And that was the one thing which was most effective in restoring Katy's nerves.

You have restored me to happiness by restoring to me my long-lost niece.

It is to us that the honour of restoring order in Plassans is reserved.

Restoring the ham to its nest behind his feet, Joe finished the bottle of Bass.

The moderator had some difficulty in restoring order to the hilarious meeting.

Thus he had every hope of restoring Portugal to her independence.

He quickly set about restoring Iris, and in a moment she opened her eyes.

Restoring his own visibility then, he advanced to Marjorie, swiftly freed her.

But one way of restoring consciousness is to raise the feet above the head.

It is possible he had a hope of restoring the Institute to its former condition.