Restraining [adjective]

Definition of Restraining:


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Sentence/Example of Restraining:

I dispute the claim, said the Englishman, restraining himself by a powerful effort.

Simply by restraining you from doing another thing in the matter.'

The difficulty would be in restraining himself from writing too many of them.

He crossed to Pitt's side, and set a restraining hand upon his shoulder.

Violently he shook off the restraining hand of Pierrot who sat on his left.

Aissa put her hand on his arm in a restraining attempt, but he shook it off.

Do you care for no one's opinion—is there no restraining influence in the world for you—women?

The incorruptibility of Don Pepe was the essential and restraining fact.

If you accept him her restraining hand upon Turkey will be removed.

There was no such difficulty about restraining them in the laboratory.