Restrains [verb]

Definition of Restrains:

keep under control; hold back

Synonyms of Restrains:

Opposite/Antonyms of Restrains:

Sentence/Example of Restrains:

Has this fearful pestilence no power to restrain the appetites and passions of the people?

Yet the effort she made, and with success, to restrain the show of her anger, was far from slight.

The railroad can do it, to restrain its employees from striking.

Mary made no effort to restrain the smile caused by the costume of Mr. Griggs.

It was all he could do to restrain himself from roaring aloud in his rage.

When he did begin to restrain himself, it was that he might spare her.

Pierre had to restrain a smile, for be had heard the story from Doctor Chassaigne.

Their voices were rising in spite of their efforts to restrain them.

He was shaken by so frightful a sob, that Guillaume could not restrain his own tears.

And I would have you restrain your wishes before him, that you had not met him, and the like.