Restricting [verb]

Definition of Restricting:

confine, limit situation or ability to participate

Opposite/Antonyms of Restricting:

Sentence/Example of Restricting:

It could not, however, be supposed, that any intention existed of restricting the full use of the lands they reserved.

"I think I can dope out a restricting circuit," Macintyre said.

It is a device for restricting the flow of water or oil to the step- and guide-bearing.

For restricting the sending or conveyance of inland letters.

He had been aware of invisible barriers, restricting, hemming him in on all sides.

After marriage the rules which ordered her life were not nearly so restricting.

But there always seems to have been a difficulty in restricting the use of the gold ring.

This he suggests was the reason for restricting the number on this occasion.

Sulla succeeded in restricting their power; but Pompey restored it.

But it is thought that these are best assured by restricting their social freedom.