Restricts [verb]

Definition of Restricts:

confine, limit situation or ability to participate

Opposite/Antonyms of Restricts:

Sentence/Example of Restricts:

It increases the visibility of the parapet and restricts the field of fire.

At first it restricts itself to criticism and light raillery.

Whenever it confers a new right it restricts it to every male person.

It limits or restricts the meaning of the noun which it modifies.

They are subject to the same law that restricts the blackest slave.

And then a system has been introduced which restricts its sale abroad.

And New Jersey, by its present Constitution, restricts the right to vote to white male citizens.

There is nothing in the law which restricts you to any class of investment?

This significance they derive from sensibility, which at the same time realizes the understanding and restricts it.

That is to say, it restricts the liberty of one party to the vice—to the irregularity of sex relations.