Rests [noun]

Definition of Rests:


Opposite/Antonyms of Rests:

Sentence/Example of Rests:

I was with him when he died, but knew not the hour he departed, for he sunk to rest like an infant.

I need cheerfulness and rest for a long time after this day in town.

The rest of the estate went to the testator's widow for life, and then to charity.

Now they neared the foot of the shaft where the rest of the party seemed to await them.

Let it go and tuck in your handkerchief like the rest of us.

Unless you do as I bid you, I will keep you in irons for the rest of the voyage!

We are now safe again, and I must give the horses a few days' rest.

At last this lively maiden got Philip away from the rest, and began to cross-question him.

My horse was completely knocked up, and I was glad to be able to give him a rest.

We are now in perfect safety, and I will give the horses two days' rest.