Resultant [noun]

Definition of Resultant:


Opposite/Antonyms of Resultant:

Sentence/Example of Resultant:

All progress, large or small, is the resultant of many forces.

Observations can show us only the resultant of these two motions.

It is for reasoning to separate this resultant into its two components.

During the resultant silence, Anna distinctly heard her own heart beating.

And we'll take the resultant Kedy and make nine duplicates of him.

Had he anticipated the resultant display of force, he would have hesitated.

The two men tensed against the resultant shock and were silent for a time.

The school age, a resultant of the first three, is a record of progress in school.

The resultant drawing is one of the very noblest of his second period.

It was the resultant of every force of, I might say, my special business propulsion.