Resulting [verb]

Definition of Resulting:

happen, develop

Synonyms of Resulting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Resulting:

Sentence/Example of Resulting:

He was 65 feet up in the air when the collapse occurred, resulting in his death.

There is some sericite present, also magnetite, resulting from the decomposition of the biotite.

The resulting curve, the circle, is therefore the least beautiful of all curves.

This training and the resulting character are the pre-requisites of all race progress.

There was nothing exceptional about it, terrible as have been the disasters now and then resulting.

They settle for a series of compromises, resulting in a superficial relationship.

There was another class, he contended, which might be termed "resulting" powers.

Hence the objections which had arisen, resulting in the quarrel that had been their undoing.

The resulting lignone chloride was isolated by solution in alcohol, &c.

The description given in the poem is of the resulting desolation.