Resumed [verb]

Definition of Resumed:

begin again

Synonyms of Resumed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Resumed:







Sentence/Example of Resumed:

"I told your father that this morning," and he resumed his writing.

He sat down, rather discontented, and resumed the current of his reflections.

"You are rather inscrutable," he said, as they resumed the road.

Robert was nothing loth to stay, and resumed his place on the grass.

Thereupon hostilities were resumed with vigour on both sides.

The general smiled in spite of himself, and resumed the writing of the pass.

"It's all a mystery, the most beautiful mystery of life," Wanhope resumed.

He continued thoughtfully silent for a little while before he resumed.

The interrupted conversations were resumed in their proper tone, grave or light.

We resumed our burden now, and made our way with it down the winding path to the bottom.