Resuming [verb]

Definition of Resuming:

begin again

Synonyms of Resuming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Resuming:







Sentence/Example of Resuming:

Then Pierre, resuming his story, related all that the child had had to suffer.

"Read the address on your despatch," said Gholson, resuming his pen.

"Well, sit down and rest you both," she said, resuming her own place at the wheel.

"She may be right there," said Arthur, gloomily, resuming his walk.

Silvere at last inquired, resuming the conversation in spite of himself.

And he simply sent a note to Roudier, to advise him that he was resuming authority.

Resuming her usual methods, she wrote the word on the house with her finger.

"You should be resuming your journey," said he, seeing me awake.

She brought the conversation to an abrupt end by resuming her work.

"I have nothing more to ask, your worship," said Dr. Haddon, resuming his seat.