Resumption [noun]

Definition of Resumption:


Synonyms of Resumption:

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Sentence/Example of Resumption:

Our supreme task is the resumption of our onward, normal way.

But Mary stood rebellious, and spoke with a resumption of her cynical scorn.

He soon announced to the public in a card a resumption of his business.

The next is a resumption of practice with the little pistol.

Then, with a resumption of her former manner, she turned back to Thayer.

We have managed to keep things quiet until the resumption of the inquest.

There was nothing for it but a resumption of intimacy by letter.

The Princess could then see that all was at an end, as regarded her resumption of power.

We might naturally expect a resumption of the frolics there.

Not least among the points which astonished her was the resumption of her title.